Browned Butter Weekend Cake


The recipe says the cake is best if it can sit after baking and be eaten the “next” day…even stretching it out over a weekend.  Well, it probably helps if you don’t have a lot of people wanting a slice but I can say it was eaten promptly with no leftovers. 🙂

The general consensus from my tasters was that everyone expected it to be a more typical pound cake but it just wasn’t.  It was a lot more moist and had more flavor.  Two people commented it seemed like a “vanilla wafer cake”.  Interesting analogy but I totally got it.

The best part about this cake, besides everyone loving it, was just how easy it was.  I think the only thing that was a little daunting was getting the “browned butter” right and not ending up as Dorie states on the other side with “blackened butter”  I watched it very closely and had no problem.  I would totally make this again…easy and delicious!

Granola Energy Bar Update…seeing as some people got crunchy and some people got chewy granola bars, I took the advice from fellow bakers and tried these again!  This time I used regular corn syrup instead of the brown rice syrup and got a much chewier bar….more of what I was expecting.   I also added the mini chocolate chips after the other mixture had cooled and they stayed whole!  They tasted much better…I am glad I tried these again, so thanks for the encouragement! 🙂


22 thoughts on “Browned Butter Weekend Cake

  1. Your cake is beautiful. Glad you tried the granola bars again. I think I’ll try them again too and will definitely add the chocolate chips at the end as you advised.

  2. We were in your boat, I hid the cake right out of the oven, wrapped it in a towel (missed the part about plastic wrap) and out of sight out of mind. Until the next day when I remembered it would be a great snack for everyone after skiing. It was gone by the morning the next day.

  3. Your cake looks perfect..not easy to ‘age’ this one! I want to try the granola energy bars again too, I like the mini chocolate chips, I wonder if I could get peanut butter in there too!?!

    • I was thinking the same thing Patty…peanut butter would be great!..and I think you could just add it in with the corn syrup. This second time around, I only added peanuts, sunflower seeds, and mini chocolate chips. If I made them again, I would just do peanuts and chocolate chips…it would be enough…and maybe peanut butter

  4. This was a wonderful cake and yours looks perfect! I’ve yet to make the granola bars, as I haven’t gotten round to going to get brown rice syrup. After your comments, I might just go with golden syrup, since it’s already in my pantry.

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