Inside-out Upside-down Tirami Su


The recipe describes this one: instead of a soft cake soaked in warm espresso syrup, this one is all crunch and chill; little “pillows” caramelized with sugar and ginger layered with a cappuccino granita and mascarpone sabayon.  What…you don’t know what granita or sabayon is???  Me either 😉

Granita: a semi frozen dessert, somewhere between a sorbet and a sno cone.  It is made from a sweetened liquid, placed in a shallow container in the fridge.  Using a fork or spoon you scrape it up to form the “granita”  In this case, the liquids are: cold brewed espresso, skim milk and a simple syrup




Sabayon: an Italian dessert or beverage made with egg yolks and sugar.  It is a light custard whipped to incorporate a large amount of air.  It is customarily served with berries or peaches in a champagne glass.  It can be finished by adding whipped cream.  In our case we will be adding a whipped cream and mascarpone filling to the mixture.


Always cool to learn something new!

Basically, this dessert seems really fancy and there is a few steps, but nothing is very hard.   I did make a couple of adjustments based on what ingredients I had at home: I substituted a strongly brewed coffee for the espresso and also used a puffed pastry bottom.  I had some phyllo dough in the freezer, I couldn’t have had it very long but as I was looking at the use by date, it said better if used by 12/13… I am sure it probably would have been fine, but me…when in doubt, throw it out.  So we had puffed pastry bottoms.  I actually think this might have been a great modification and you only need one on the bottom instead of a top and bottom of the phyllo.  Here they are with the caramelized sugar on top.


Make the granita

Cook up the sabayon/add in the whipped cream and mascarpone

Cook your phyllo “pillows”

Assemble and Voila!

The only thing that was difficult for me was the timing to get this dessert out to my tasters! I didn’t want the granita to melt!!  My dad drove over, I assembled the two for my parents and he took off.  This is his text to me later:

“Got home in 10min.  Ate the dessert in 15 seconds.  Really good!  Definitely a keeper!”

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