These cookies are made from an almond paste base, with sugar and egg whites mixed in. They are a type of macaroon common in Italy…classic with a thin, crisp outside and a soft, chewy interior.  The recipe calls for almond paste found in a can vs a tube so that you can achieve superior consistency.  Both stores I checked only had the tube form of almond paste, so I may not have gotten “superior” quality but  I think I still got a good cookie out of it. 🙂

These cookies are a bit different…in a few ways.

1. The dough is made from so few ingredients, it has a strange consistency.  The batter is piped into mounds on a lined baking sheet.


2. The next step is to wet a cotton or linen kitchen towel…leaving it wet.  Folding the towel into a 2 in wide strip, I was to let the center droop and gently dap the top of the cookie until the top was smooth. slightly flattened, and glistening.  The recipe says this takes away the ridges from piping the dough and also gives the cookies their crinkly top which is characteristic of this cookie.

photonov9It seemed like a strange step, but surprisingly it worked!  The cookies are then baked and cooled on a rack.


I made these the same day I made the Palets de Dames from BCM.  My tasters thought both of these cookies were very unique in taste and texture.  These amaretti were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  I am not always a fan of almond flavored things, but as I ate the cookie it grew on me.  I think I liked the texture more than the flavor but I think they were good. The store where I bought the almond paste told me they only carry it during the holidays so maybe this is more of a holiday season cookie.  Not sure I was sold on them, but as always…glad we tried them!



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