Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes



I am getting this one in…barely!  I have had a lot going on moving my son into his college dorm so I finally got to the baking today.  Thank goodness this one was fairly easy. 🙂 The only changes I made was to halve the recipe and use my 6 muffin tin.  I was careful to not push the plum too far into the batter but I must have since it disappeared.  I will be sure to share these with my tasters, but for now I am the only one to have tried them and it was yummy!  I would have preferred apple instead of the plum, but very good and very easy!


5 thoughts on “Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes

  1. Congratulations on surviving the dorm move in day! I bet that was hectic. Good thing you had time to make these little guys. A little R&R with some baked yummies. And yes! I agree, apple does sound pretty good.

  2. That move back to school is always a struggle, isn’t it? (Although, moving Runner Girl back for her Junior year was easier than the first couple of times).

    I like the whipped cream on top!

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