Mocha Brownie Cake


This cake got rave reviews! I was a bit skeptical since the other two chocolate brownie recipes from this cookbook didn’t go over that well with my tasters.  This one however, everyone loved!!  I have been told it needs to go into my baking rotation. 🙂  I have actually not tasted the cake yet.  My piece is in the freezer since I gave up sweets for lent.  I recall this happened last year too…with the mocha chocolate chip cookies haha!!

The great thing about this recipe is it is fairly easy and most items I usually have on hand.  I might have to invest in a double boiler though…the contraption I came up with worked but didn’t look very pretty. 😉

After melting the chocolate and mixing up the ingredients…it is that easy…it goes in the oven for about 45 minutes.  It needs to cool for 20 minutes and then into the fridge for an hour to really cool so that it can be cut into layers.




While the cake is cooling, you prepare the ganache which was super easy!  Basically heat the cream, butter, sugar and pour over the chocolate chips…add coffee.  Let it sit and then stir. Funny how ganache can make something look so elegant yet be so easy to prepare.  I like that!!


The fun and tricky part was assembling the cake.  The cake needs to be cut into three layers.  Then working with one layer at a time adding the ganache.  After each layer it must go back in the fridge for 15 min to firm up.  I found the cake and the ganache very easy to work with.  The recipe calls for the final icing of the top and sides to be plain but I just couldn’t do that.  🙂


photo8 photo9




We have been having quite an exciting ride with my son’s high school basketball team this season so I had to use the opportunity to decorate the cake!! 🙂  Since my son is a senior this year, that only adds to the excitement.  His team went all the way in the CIF playoffs making it to the final game, which our school has not done in 14 years.  They got to play at the Honda Center which was really exciting for the boys.

IMG-20140308-00477 2


We unfortunately lost but still moved on to play in the State Championship Tournament.  As of this post we have surprisingly won the last two rounds and have moved on to the quarterfinals of the state tournament which we play in tonight.  Anyway, had to take that opportunity and decorate the cake haha!


11 thoughts on “Mocha Brownie Cake

  1. Looks wonderful! And congrats to your son and the team – how very exciting! No need to invest in a fancy double boiler – I use a heatproof glass bowl (or stainless) set over a pot of simmering water. Works great every time. Looking forward to making this soon.

  2. Kudos to you for making such a beautiful cake despite the fact that you have given up sweets and kudos for your son’s team for the State Tournament success!

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