Double Chocolate Cookies

2013-12-02 12.44.00

I have hardly missed any recipes in our cooking adventures…I think two actually.  One was our last one,  the pumpernickel bread…so many ingredients that I didn’t have on hand and no one here particularly likes pumpernickel.  So I waited for the chocolate cookies. 🙂

I will be curious to see what other bakers thought of this recipe.  I had high hopes…especially after the success of the Danish Braid.  People are still talking about that one!  I for one am a serious chocolate lover and just can’t understand when people say they don’t care for chocolate…what?? how can that be!  That is why it is SO weird to me, that two of our chocolate recipes haven’t met the mark with me or the family.

These double chocolate cookies reminded me ALOT of the Best Ever Brownies we baked which we thought were just over the top with chocolate.  I was wanting them to be so delicious…even burned my mouth trying them as they came out of the oven…but they were so, so rich.  I don’t think I have said that about a chocolate dessert other than the brownies.  My family and tasters had the same reaction. Some thought they were better with some ice cream and others thought they were better coming out of the freezer.  I actually thought they were better frozen too….seemed to calm down the intense chocolate.

I can’t say they were bad, they got eaten, but I don’t see myself using this recipe again…just too over the top for some reason.

2013-12-02 12.45.37

12 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Cookies

  1. I loved them and did not expect them to be thaaat good. They are dangerous. I had to deep freeze more than half of them in order not to eat them all!
    They are soooo rich, they are sooo good! I said to myself: DO NOT analyze the amount of sugar and chocolate in this recipe or you’ll skip it 🙂
    I decided to add some hazelnuts and dried apricots: fabulous!

  2. I didn’t think they were all that chocolatey or rich. They were certainly softer than usual, especially when warm and gooey, but I may not have liked them so much if I had not been on a dental work imposed diet. I was just so happy that it was soft enough for me to eat!

  3. We loved these. At first I thought they were too chocolatey (how can that be?) – but with each new day, I liked them more and more. I think they definitely improve with time. They are a keeper in our household.

  4. People are still talking about the danish braid that I made too, that was a real winner. Pity these didn’t work for you. I liked mine with strong coffee or ice cream, and in small doses, almost like those little cookies you get with coffee. Hopefully you’ll love the next recipe.

  5. Those brownies weren’t my favorite either. But I did like these cookies after they completely cooled and sat for a few hours – rather than just out of the oven. But my mom still thought they were too rich. We tossed around other ideas to cut back on their intensity, but might just use other chocolate cookies in the future, or stick to our tried-and-true brownie recipe.

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