Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas


This was my kind of recipe…lots of firsts:

  • first time to taste or cook with lamb
  • first time to taste or cook with shallots
  • first time to cook pita bread
  • first time to have the butcher grind up what you need…I had no idea they would so kindly do that for you!

I have to say even though I was not sure we would like these, I was excited to try all the new things this recipe presented.  The lamb was a stretch for us but the allspice and cinnamon seemed to put it over the edge for me….weird combo!

I started my pita bread sponge early in the morning since the recipe suggested it is best to let it sit as close to 8 hours as possible.  Mine sat for about 7 hours.   I could actually hear it fermenting on the countertop!



After the waiting time, I added the remaining flour and ingredients.  I went ahead and made the full recipe since I figured it was more likely that we would eat the plain pita bread than the pizza anyway.  This needed to rest another 2 to 3 hours.



The dough was ready…onto the topping!




I sauteed the ingredients and then got started on making my pitas.  I rolled out the dough and topped it with the lamb mixture.  The recipe said to bake these in a 450 degree oven.


DSCF7387I did not get too much color out of these being cooked in the oven.  I read on the pita page if you were doing individual pitas to cook them on a griddle…much the same way you do pancakes.  I liked this method much better…and got MUCH better results.  If I was to ever make these again, I would cook them on the griddle and then top them and serve.

Here are my cooking pitas…

DSCF7384DSCF7389and look at the inside!!


They look a lot like flat bread…like a “big fat chicken taco” at Del Taco to be exact!!  The verdict on these…the combination on the pizza was strange.  I am glad I can say I have tried lamb now, but can’t say I really enjoyed it.  It was just ok…not a keeper in our family…BUT the plain pitas were a keeper for sure!!  So tasty and fresh!!  I think they were pretty easy to make too! 🙂

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