Cheese and Tomato Galette


This galette paired with a salad made for the perfect summer dinner…light, tasty, and so easy!

  • Make the dough…we have made this delicious dough before….one of our FAVORITE recipes was the Berry Galette so we were all excited to try this one o
  • DSCF7292Prepare the filling: tomatoes, basil, and cheese


  • Arrange the filling


  • Fold the edges and create the galette


  • Bake and enjoy 🙂



We all really enjoyed this recipe.  It has to be said though, that it is hard to eat this and not expect it to taste like a pepperoni pizza…it looks a lot like it but tastes nothing like it…which seems odd.  It plays a bit with your mind!  It didn’t seem to really matter though…it was given a thumbs up…it is a keeper.

11 thoughts on “Cheese and Tomato Galette

  1. Love your photos! Your galette is gorgeous. This did make for a nice easy dinner paired with a salad. I need to take lessons from you on how to roll a perfect circle out of dough – mine are never round, other than when I am trying to make a rectangular shape – go figure!

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