Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies


These were a breeze to bake after my three day project of croissants! 🙂  If you would like the recipe, check out Peggy’s blog.

Thoughts to share:

  • I used a mixture of bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate
  • I refrigerated the dough for four hours instead of overnight and it was perfect
  • I rolled the dough into balls and then placed them on the parchment paper.  It seemed to hold the dough together better with all of that chocolate.  I also doubled by pans the way the recipe suggested
  • I used 2T of instant decaf coffee.  Everyone loved the depth of flavor in these cookies but couldn’t really detect “coffee” flavor so I think next time I would increase to the full 3T.


Everyone was eager to taste these.  I have 3 in the freezer for me to taste after Easter…gave up sweets!  I have been told I will love these. 🙂


My favorite responses via text:

  • “The cookies were outstanding.  They are a keeper…really, really good!”
  • “They were delicious!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)”

And my personal favorite is watching my teenage son inhale them with a huge grin on his face….yes these are a keeper and will be repeated at our house.  Thank goodness they are fairly easy to make!! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. If you asked me, yes: they are a KEEPER!
    I loved these Mocha chocolate chips…I’ve doubled the ingredients (with some changes), split the dough into 4 portions and added different ingredients (such as orange, pecan+walnuts, dried cherries, almonds): A WINNER!

    PS: I’ve added 2 1/2 Tbsp of instant coffee (Nescafé) and I could taste it.

  2. I could not taste much of the coffee flavour as well and I used 2 tbsp as well. If I do try these again, I will probably increase it to 3 tbsp.
    love that people loved them. well done!

  3. Well, mine became caramel mocha bites, rather than cookies, but they were still delicious. Your cookies look really good. I used more instant coffee and we definitely tasted the mocha flavour.

  4. I just ate another one after reading some posts and I love them even more than I did before! Can’t wait ’til you get to try them, good for you to wait!

  5. I think I just figured out what I did wrong — I used ESPRESSO powder, not plain coffee powder. These were super mocha-ey. I think I would have enjoyed your “coffee lite” version much better. (FYI: I don’t have a post about this project on my site. Couldn’t bear it.)

  6. Glad your family enjoyed them! I thought they were tasty but mine spread out while baking (although my hubby continues to eat them!). Nice job on yours!

  7. Something to look forward too! You won’t be disappointed. I used three tablespoons instant espresso and the coffee flavor was barely noticeable in the baked cookie. It tasted great in the dough. Still I loved these! Enjoy!

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