Boca Negra


I love how these recipes teach me things I didn’t know before…no matter how simple the recipe is.  This one lived up to that thought!  If you would like the recipe check out Cathy’s blog.

First problem: I needed bourbon…no drinkers here in this house and I didn’t want to buy it myself since when would we use the rest of it.  Usually I would just omit the alcohol but this seemed like too much liquid to do without so luckily I found someone willing to lend it to me.  I just asked my group of tasters…of course I offered a slice of cake in return!!  Who knew bourbon has many names?  My dad brought over Seagrams VO and I was like, “Dad I said bourbon?”  “It is bourbon.”  Good thing I didn’t go buying it myself or that could have been very embarrassing!!

Second problem: I realized making this recipe that even though I THINK I am reading the recipe all the way through before starting, clearly I am not.  As I was stirring all that butter in one square at a time, I was kicking myself for not reading all the way to the end and seeing that ALL that stirring could have been avoided using a food processor.  I don’t think I will forget again…that was a lot of stirring!

Third problem: I found I didn’t have a roasting pan deep enough to put 1 inch of water all the way around the cake pan.  I did the best I could and added 10 min onto the cook time.

I have to say expectations were high on this recipe.  We are a chocolate loving family and group of tasters…however this recipe reminded all of us of the “undercooked” brownies we did a few months ago.  My husband tried it while it was still warm from the oven and he thought it tasted more like a lava cake…pudding like in the middle. He also thought the bourbon flavor was really strong.  Everyone thought it was good but not great…too rich and undercooked to be fantastic.  They also agreed that the white chocolate cream was way too much sweetness for this recipe…over the top and not in a good way.

This was a good recipe but because all the reasons stated above, I just don’t see myself baking it again and it is hard to get over ALL that butter in there unless it is simply amazing!  Onto the next one! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Boca Negra

  1. Sorry to hear this wasn’t a hit for you. We loved it, cream and all! For future reference, I placed the filled cake pan into a larger cake pan for the water bath. Worked great.

  2. I didn’t have bourbon either…opted for grand marnier. I was confused with the bourbon having different names too. I am thinking it depends on what it is made with, ie corn, rye or something else. (very confusing) The food processor was definitely the way to go….so much quicker and easier. I had to bake mine for an extra 20 minutes. There was no way 30 minutes was enough…would have been pudding.

  3. Bummer that this didn’t work for you. We loved the cake, I think my cake had a similar texture to yours, but I gave it a few hours to ‘set’ at room temperature, so maybe that helped?

  4. Too bad that this one wasn’t a hit for you but it’s always nice to learn things, isn’t it?! I really enjoyed this cake but I’m looking forward to the next recipe too 🙂

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