Gingerbread Cake

DSCF6455Well this one was interesting!  Doesn’t that picture just make you want to take a big bite!!?   I will be curious to see what others thought of this recipe.  If you would like the recipe check out Karen‘s host blog. It seemed straight forward and I got to try something new which is always exciting…I have never bought or used fresh ginger…I know how did that happen?  I actually don’t know…just never had the need I guess. 🙂

Looking back I should have known…when the recipe says the batter may looked curdled but don’t worry it will smooth out I was a little worried.  It did look curdled and it did smooth out but in a weird way and things didn’t get better from there…I didn’t even like the smell of the batter.  The amount of molasses in this recipe is unbelievable…2 cups!  You have got to love that flavor or you will not like this cake.

This cake had very intense flavors from molasses, expresso powder, cocoa, black pepper, ground ginger, fresh ginger…it just didn’t work for us…not one person.  I think this is the first recipe no one liked…in fact some only took one bite.  I guess too strong of flavors for us.  As always, loved the experience but this time did not like the outcome…at all!  Not a keeper here…

18 thoughts on “Gingerbread Cake

  1. I was so excited to try this cake, as I do love gingerbread. But once made, I didn’t enjoy the taste of it. And neither did the hubbie. I would like to try it again maybe cut down on the amount of fresh ginger. I don’t know.
    Your cake slice does look lovely though. Mine came out really dark. (think it was the cocoa)

  2. I too was pumped to try this cake, and I, too, was horribly disappointed by it. Bummer. I wish you liked it, but am kind of glad that I’m not the only one who didn’t like it!

  3. I didn’t enjoy the taste of it either – the molasses was too much for me. I love the taste of ginger and that did not seem to come through enough.
    But your picture with the cream does make it look tasty!

  4. The cake is VERY strong tasting and you HAVE to be a HUGE fan of molasses and the spiciness of ginger to really enjoy this. I liked it, but my husband went hog-wild over it. Might have something to do with the fact that he likes to eat molasses straight from the jar. Gross.

  5. Hubby said it was a waste of good whipped cream. Way to much molasses. We do love ginger–I cook/bake with it often but we could not taste the ginger for the molasses. But it’s pretty–does that count??

  6. It IS such a strong little cake. I worried about it, but I do like it, as long as there’s something to go with it! Yours looks pretty good, though! Like a nice, thick gingerbread brownie!

  7. Your cake looks so nice!!!!
    The taste is very strong for me too, too much spices in my mouth!!!! If I try again, the next time I’ll use syrup or honey instead molasses,less ginger and no pepper: just try and maybe find the good balance for me!

  8. Your photo looks like a flourless cake..nicely decorated withe the whip cream.
    I didn’t bake the cake…will wait to find someone who I can gift it to. Meanwhile, on the back burner this recipe goes.


  9. Yes, your cake is picture perfect! I am sorry to hear that noone in your family liked the cake. If you are to bake it again, maybe you could try it with honey instead of molasses and also to scale down on the spices. Maybe just stick to the powdered ginger…Nice baking with you, no matter what 🙂

  10. We felt the same in my house and I have a couple people who really like molasses. This one’s just too much for us, I guess. I found that the batter was odd, too. I can’t help thinking there was a typo there somewhere with the amount of molasses.

  11. You might want to give this one another shot, pulling back on some of the strongly flavoring ingredients. Dark or light corn syrup would be a good swap for some of the molasses. And I think you could safely reduce the espresso powder… that’s the flavor I really tasted when I was “cleaning” the bowl. And I think the recipe would halve nicely into a 7″ or 8″ round.

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