Wow!  This one was so much fun!!  I have to admit I was a little cautious heading into this recipe…I mean who knows anyone who makes homemade bagels…there must be a reason right!  It is a bit of a process, and takes some time, but I tell you these are SO worth it!  I am a bagel lover so I have high standards and these were right up there with the best.  If you would like the recipe check out Heather’s blog.

I have had some ups and downs with my dough rising lately, no pun intended, so Carmen..fellow blogger…offered the suggestion of letting the yeast rest on the water and wait for it to become creamy, then mix.  I was willing to try to see if I can get more consistent results…check out this yeast…this is the way I am doing it from now on…AND…both rises went very well!  Yay!  Thanks Carmen for the tip! 🙂


Next time I make these I will know that you have a little time between steps..for some reason I felt pressure.  I will do more add-ins and change up the flavors.  This time I made plain, cinnamon sugar, and jalapeno.  Next time will include a chocolate chip for sure!! 🙂

Took a few pictures of the process…it was pretty interesting…making the “purses” wasn’t as hard as I envisioned from reading the recipe.


Into the water bath.

Add the toppings and into the 500 degree oven.

And the finished product…

I used a plain one for an egg sandwich for dinner…it was amazing!

I was as proud of the top as the bottom!!

I think I enjoyed making these more than any recipe we have made so far…for some reason watching them in the water bath and waiting for them to pop up was fun…and the fact they turned out so delicious made the whole process even more enjoyable.  My son had two for dinner…one egg sandwich and one with cream cheese.  Just made these at the last minute so one else has even had a chance to try them yet, but based on our two reviews, I will be making these again!  The tasting crew will get theirs in the morning! 🙂

This one is a keeper!


12 thoughts on “Bagels

  1. Yay! We have always loved these and I am so excited to read everyone’s posts loving the bagels, too. They look wonderful!

  2. Nice bagels. I was going to scramble some eggs for breakfast tommorrow. Now I think I’ll have to bake the rest of my bagels tonight, so I can plop those eggs on a bagel.

  3. Sorry I’m late! Probably that gorgeous egg sandwich has long gone 😦

    Tonight I’ve started this delicious „tour des blogs“ to see how the 85 bagels turned out.
    I had great fun making and bathing and baking them and will remake them for sure.

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