Cranberry-Walnut Pumpkin Bread

Well…not a surprise to those who have read this blog before…this one I knew would take an open mind.  I think I am learning through this I tend to be a simple eater. 🙂  The pumpkin bread alone sounded great but with all the add-ins, not so much.  But being true to the process here I wanted to make it the first time the way it was suppose to go because who knows…I might find I like it right?!… and what about my awesome tasting crew…they seem to be up for anything!! 🙂  If you would like to try baking this bread, visit Rebecca‘s blog and check out the recipe.

This bread takes some planning.  I went to bake it and realized it takes two days…it requires an overnight “resting” period.  Thank goodness I didn’t wait until the last minute!  Other than it taking a while I thought the bread was pretty easy to make.

I did have two observations that I will be curious to see if others found as well.

  • I thought there was too much mixed into the dough…and not just because I wouldn’t like it haha!  It just seemed more like fruit and nuts with some dough rather than dough with some fruit and nuts. 🙂  It was a challenge to get it all mixed and then spread out… and I didn’t even have the full amount since the packaging was a little off and I didn’t want to buy the large bag of each ingredient.
  • I also had a hard time getting this dough to rise…it was nothing like the wheat loaves.  Maybe it was because of the pumpkin, fruit and nuts?


I didn’t have the 3 mini pans so I used two regular ones…maybe that added to the problem.  It looks like they are mini anyway 🙂

We are still having a really hot days here so it hardly feels like fall, more like the middle of August!…Even though the air conditioner was on…these made you think of fall…they smelled amazing while they baked!  I was actually really proud of myself…yes, I tried a slice; toasted with butter and you know what…it was pretty good.  I had used dried cranberries and I do like those.  For me, I just wouldn’t go back for seconds but my tasting crew on the other hand thought it was amazing!  Makes me wonder about myself…I think I need to expand my horizons ha ha!  So apparently my vote does not count on this recipe…everyone said this one is a keeper!! 🙂

I do love a good bagel though, so stayed tuned for the next recipe!! 🙂 That one looks like a challenge but one that is right up my alley!..simple and plain ha ha!

14 thoughts on “Cranberry-Walnut Pumpkin Bread

  1. I had the same thought in mind….too much stuff in the dough…even though I omitted the raisins and used dried cranberries instead of fresh, I will pull back on so much ‘stuff’ in the dough. I’m with you…I want to taste BREAD! 🙂

    In reference to your rise, I’m going to take a poke at this and say, watch how you prepare the yeast and water mixture. I’ve found that when I pour the yeast in the water, and let it sit for a minute, then mix, my result is a higher rise. Prior to this, I would mix it immediately.


    • Oh Carmen thank you for the tip! I will certainly try that next time. It is weird because I feel like I am consistent but the results are not ha ha. My wheat bread exploded, these not so much 🙂 Your monkey bread was the way to go..simple: pumpkin and sugar!

  2. Your bread looks delicious. I baked mine in two regular sized pans and they came out small too. I’m interested in the comment from Carmen above about letting the yeast rest in the water before mixing. I’ll try that next time.

  3. Looks great! I used bigger pans too and thought that it would make two loaves. Once I divided out the dough, though, it didn’t look like enough so I just made one loaf and it was perfect.

  4. We really like this bread–glad your crew ate it up. Now I like bagels but I’m a little worried about making them. I’ve never boiled dough! That’s what I love about baking groups–I’m forced out of my comfort zone.

  5. I had problems with my rise too. But, like you, my whole wheat loaves rose like gangbusters. I’m going to try Carmen’s tip when I remake these. Your bread looks beautiful! So festive!

  6. I liked this bread toasted, but not as is. FYI: The bagels also need an overnight rest in the fridge. Though I did do a test bagel this evening – chilled only while the oven pre-heated. Yummm… will be interesting to see if there will be a difference after the rest overnight.

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