I am finding these posts are a little harder to find time to write during the summer! Just got back last night from an awesome trip with my whole family…actually a Christmas present from my parents! 🙂  Twenty of us in all…my parents, my 3 siblings with spouses, 8 nieces and nephews, and my husband and two children. So fun to have time to relax and just hang together!!

I made these popovers a little earlier in the month because I knew we would be gone but I should have written the blog at the same time.  My family must be the only ones who have never had popovers…the recipe made it sound like it is one of everyone’s favorites.  They were easy enough…very straight forward recipe. If you would like the recipe check out our host bloggers Paula and Amy.

I used my regular muffin pan and expected beautiful, delicious popovers to have with our dinner.  I am not sure what I did wrong but mine did not pop very high and a lot of them were just air in the middle….maybe overcooked??  I even took them out early because they looked like they were browning too much.  Well, you can’t love them all.  The family wasn’t too impressed and even with the easy recipe, I don’t think I would say these were a keeper.  Onward we go…can’t wait for next month’s recipes! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Popovers

  1. Popovers are like Yorkshire pudding. If you didn’t grow up eating it, you probably won’t like popovers. Yours look perfect! You did a great job baking them. Just accept they are not a tradition in your family. At my house, we love them!

    • It is so fun to have these recipes to try out! I think you are right about the popovers…as I am reading other blogs I am finding out that I think mine turned out and I just didn’t know what a popover was suppose to be like 🙂

  2. I had never had or made these before but will again. I think they are supposed to be hollow. Sorry they weren’t a hit with y’all. But like you said – onward we go.

  3. Actually the more hollow the inside, the better. Yours look fine! If you do try them again a little more salt and even some sugar will give them some flavor.

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