Blueberry Nectarine Pie

It is not hard to figure out by reading my blog that I am not really a dessert fan…love to bake and cook for others but not really one to eat what I create…unless of course it involves chocolate…that is a different story!! 🙂  Since my days in Jr. High Home Ec class, I haven’t made a pie and really rarely eat pie…and it would be French Apple at that sooooo needless to say…this recipe was not one I thought I would be eating.  That said, I had many tasters willing to try it out for me!! 🙂  If you would like the recipe check out Hilary’s blog and Liz’s blog.

I have to say I was intimidated with making the crust.  It seems whenever people are talking about pie…it comes down to the is flaky…tastey…  All I could do was follow the directions and hope for the best.  I cut in the chilled butter and shortening.

Stirred in the chilled water and it seemed to come together nicely. 🙂

With the dough chilling I got to work on the filling.  Most people I told about this recipe thought the combination of blueberry and nectarine was a bit unusual.  I personally would have stuck with good old apple…I know I went rogue on the biscotti but I do want to stay true to the recipes the first time through. 🙂

I cut up the fruit, went out and picked a lemon and was able to use my new zester my parents had given me for Mother’s Day with my cool cutting board….much nicer that using my grater!! 🙂

And then cooked down the fruit.  I was so afraid to try to boil the fruit because there really was no liquid but just like the recipe stated…the fruit will release it’s juices…and they did! 🙂

Now to rolling and filling…So it was time to taste my new creation.  I thought it looked pretty…smelled good…but how will it taste???  My son, who eats anything, tried it first…I knew I could count on his appraisal…surprising both of us…he didn’t like it…like didn’t even finish it. 😦  That never happens!!!  Uh oh…my daughter and I aren’t pie eaters so we didn’t count…texted my tasting friend and told her it was ready, but also told her it wasn’t going over well at our house.  Thankfully things turned around!!!!  Her family LOVED it, my husband got home…and LOVED it, and my parents came and got theirs and LOVED it!!!  YAY…so it wasn’t the baker ha ha!!  I am so “pie” flawed I didn’t even know if the crust was good or not.  Apparently this recipe is right on the money…I would have to say this recipe will be a keeper…when we take it somewhere else! 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Blueberry Nectarine Pie

  1. First off, love the name of your blog. It’s the exact same phrase I use! Secondly, this looks delicious…it would definitely be a keeper in my book.

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