Semolina Loaf

Right from the start I have to say this recipe is a keeper!  Still not sure what semolina flour is, but this bread is absolutely delicious!!  The only difficult part in baking this bread was finding out where to buy semonlina flour…couldn’t locate it in the grocery store but found help on our P & Q page and just like they said, it was right there at our local produce store! 🙂 I also took the advice of reducing the salt…I cut it to 1 tsp and had no problems. For the recipe, check out the host blogs: The Way To My Family’s Heart and Keep it Luce.

This recipe was SO easy…made the sponge starter. Check out those bubbles!!


After the first rise…shaped my loaves. Since I had enough of the semolina flour and many willing tasters…made two loaves at the same time. 🙂


After the second rise, the recipe says to use a razor blade and slash the sides at a 30 degree angle…this proposed a few problems for me.  There was no picture in the cookbook to see what they were describing and I didn’t have a razor blade.  I did the best I could with a sharp knife but in the end it just seemed like it deflated my big beautiful loaves…thinking the next time I would skip this step unless I find out it is necessary.

This bread was so good and so easy to make…doesn’t even require kneeding!  I made two at time…no problem.  I can easily see myself using this recipe!  It was delicious right out of the oven and great as toast the next morning!! 🙂  Yes, all tasters agreed…


I have a favor to ask of any of you that read/comment regularly on my blog…I will not have access to a computer to “leave my link” for the Blueberry Nectarine Pie…would someone be willing to do that for me?? 🙂  I will have my blog post but need help leaving my link. 🙂  Just message me if you can…Thank you!!

13 thoughts on “Semolina Loaf

  1. Yes, it is a keeper. It’s delicious and versatile and so very easy. I want to add some cheese and fresh herbs–yummy!!
    I’ll leave you link next time if you need me to.

  2. It looks like you made a nice wet dough (reminds me a little of ciabatta) and the loaves were well proofed. If you wanted to, you could skip slashing (scoring) the bread before baking, since the purpose is to help the loaf rise and “open” the crumb more. Nice looking loaves!

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