Hungarian Shortbread

Wow…this was a recipe full of  “firsts”:

  • first time buying, using, or tasting rhubarb
  • first time using 4 sticks of butter in one recipe
  • first time grating frozen dough to make a crust
  • first time using a vanilla bean

I actually really enjoyed making this recipe for that exact reason!  Because of this recipe, I now know what rhubarb is and what it tastes like.  It was an interesting process working with the rhubarb…can’t say I really liked the smell of it while I was making the filling but it did taste ok once it was done.  I did think it would be a more vibrant red color though…maybe mine in the raw form weren’t red enough.


I had trouble using my vanilla bean…it wouldn’t split open very well to scrape out the seeds.  I put the whole pod in the way the recipe called to do and somehow in the filling you could see all the vanilla seeds so I guess it worked out ok. 🙂  I made the filling a day early which worked out well and allowed it to firm up a bit.  The next day I mixed up the dough….yes…that is 4 sticks of butter!!!!!!

Seriously, that is too much…although the recipe is good, and everyone loved it, this might be reason enough for me not to make it again.  I thought the strangest part of this recipe was grating the frozen dough.  It was really easy to do…just didn’t look like cheese…in color or consistancy.

I thought this dough was really easy to work with.  I par-baked the bottom layer for 20 min as suggested on the p&q page.  It seemed to me it could have used a little longer but I am really thankful I followed the suggestion.  I think if I was to make this again I would add more filling.  I used one cup as the recipe stated but it wasn’t that pronounced of a taste…in fact a few people, including me,  said that these tasted like lemon bars which is funny since there were no lemons. 🙂 If you would like to have the recipe, check out our host blogs: 1smallkitchen and The Not So Exciting Adventures of a Dabbler.  I think this recipe was very good and easy to make.  Based on everyone’s reviews it will be a keeper…but only once in awhile with all of that butter!!! ;0


16 thoughts on “Hungarian Shortbread

  1. Your squares look great! I’m like you, I don’t know if I would make this again. I like making shortbread the traditional way.

  2. I agree that they reminded me of lemon bars and thought I’d put some lemon rind into the dough next time. Your photos are beautiful. Nicely done!

  3. I know, wasn’t that a lot of butter? I made half a pan thinking 2 sticks is better than 4, but it was still a mental leap. I’m glad you enjoyed the rhubarb. Where I live (Massachusetts), it’s a perennial plant and comes up next to the vegetable garden every spring. However, it’s too early in the season to have used for this recipe. Glad to hear this one’s a keeper!

  4. Looks good! Rhubarb is a funny fruit/veg. The color can vary a lot. I had to get over the butter thing as well, but once I realized it wasn’t as much fat as a piece of pie, I was on board.

  5. Haha come on guys, live a little! You probably only ate a few tablespoons of butter total so there’s really no need for all this guilt! But then again, check out the name of my blog! 🙂 your shortbread looks great & I’m glad I wasn’t alone in the slight problems with the vanilla bean. It was my first time using one too!

  6. Yes, a keeper for me too and yes, only for special occasions. This was a first time for me to use 4 sticks of butter in a single recipe 🙂 Your shortbread looks yum!

    • EXACTLY!! I have counted a few times…can’t get over that it comes up 5!! 🙂 Although I did realize after re-reading it makes two pans of them…guess that is called rationalizing 😛

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