Lemon Loaf Cake

I am sure I was not alone in baking this Lemon Loaf Cake early.  It seemed like the perfect addition to our Easter Sunday dinner and since my family is always eagar to participate in tasting the new recipes, this made it easier to have a lot more of them involved. The sense I got from those who posted their early impressions was that the cake was a bit dry.  Since I didn’t want that reaction on Easter, I made sure to bring the ingredients to make a lemon icing to go over the top.  I am one to stick to the original recipe the first time, but I caved this time.  I was thinking better safe than sorry and it turned out to be a wise decision. 🙂  For the recipe, check out these host blogs: Treats and The Beauty of Life.

For this recipe I went out and picked the lemons right off the tree…can’t get fresher than that!  The only difference in this recipe from other cake recipes that I have made, was the whisking of the egg mixture and then sifting the dry ingredients in by thirds.


I didn’t have a real zester but improvised with my grater and used the small section.  It seemed to work just fine.


and after…

I liked the look of the crust with the bursting center and it sure smelled good while baking.  It took my cake longer in the oven than the recipe suggested in order for the center to be done.  I am not sure if that added to the dryness of the cake or not.

I went ahead and served the cake with a lemon icing.  Everyone really liked the cake and said the icing was a nice touch otherwise it would have been dry.  For me, it didn’t seem that special…nothing out of the ordinary.  Even though it was a good cake I don’t see myself making this again when there are so many delicious desserts to make.  Unfortunately, I would say this recipe “is not a keeper” which makes us 0/2 this month. :(…still a great experience though!!

16 thoughts on “Lemon Loaf Cake

    • Well, I must confess the lemon tree is our neighbor’s but it hangs so far over our fence and is so full of lemons they told us to help ourselves! We are not big lemon fans but we do really love our orange tree!! (which is ours) I LOVE going out and picking our oranges 🙂 Do you live in the city?

  1. I agree this recipe could use some refining and mine was over-baked as well. For me, because it did come together so quickly, I will make it few more times with variations. This would make a great base for a Strawberry Shortcake.

  2. Sorry this wasn’t a keeper for you. I thought it was a great base for strawberry shortcake especially since it is so quick and easy to put together. Your photo with the glaze is so pretty.

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