Pizza Rustica

I love how this cooking group keeps you on a schedule to try new recipes!  Instead of once in a while finding time to tackle something new, now I plan for it…SO fun!  It has been fun sharing this journey with my family, friends, and the new group of blogging friends. 🙂

Our first recipe for April is Pizza Rustica…a sweet and savory pie/quiche.  We had two hosts, Emily and Raelynn, so take a minute to check out their blogs and the recipe.

Somehow I have managed all these years baking and cooking without a food processor but TWD was a good excuse to buy one…and it was exciting to use it for the first time.

I was surprised how easily the dough came together, and compared to the last few recipes, it was not sticky at all.  I had no problem rolling it out and fitting it to the pie pan.  This might be my first crust.  I can’t remember ever making a pie so I felt pretty accomplished!


So now I needed to fill my crust.  I decided once again to follow the recipe the first time to see what the original would be like and from there decide if I would tweak it the next time.  I have never cooked with Ricotta, Romano, or Prosciutto so this was a new one for me and my family.


Now for the fun part…looking back I wish I had woven the lattice but I didn’t think of it while I was constructing the top.  I also had looked at a couple of stores for a ruffle-edged pastry wheel but no luck…so just straight lattices for me.

Before and After…

Now for the final verdict…if you have read any of my previous posts you know that even before I started this TWD I have always asked my family…”Soooo what do you guys think…is it a keeper?” because who wants to waste time cooking something that is not loved…well…this was surprising, the two in my family that eat..anything…didn’t care for it…they thought the filling was ok, but tasted weird with the sweet crust. My husband and son not liking something, rarely happens in my house so I would say this was a fun one to make since I hadn’t tried many of the skills but I think it is safe to say we won’t be repeating this recipe…this one is NOT a keeper for our family….but I have to say, I found others to finish off the pie and they really enjoyed it. 🙂


21 thoughts on “Pizza Rustica

  1. I’m not sure that is a keeper at my house either. The sweet/savory thing takes getting used to. Congrats on the new food processor. I use mine for everything and don’t know how I’d live without it…

  2. So glad that you enjoyed preparing your crust with a new processor- they are wonderful machines & can become indispensable in your kitchen. Your pie looks marvelous! I too appreciate my fun cooking groups for all their encouragement!

  3. I love that the group holds me to a schedule too 🙂 then I cant put it off or forget about it and it gives everyone in our house something to look forward to, love it! Your pizza looks great!

  4. I just scrolled through your posts…sounds like we are on a similar path as far as blogging goes. This is a first for me. I had read about Tuesdays with Dorie when it started but they were full when I checked. I was so happy when I saw that there was a new group. Anyway, happy baking. It is turning out to be such a fun thing to do- try new recipes and post about them, then enjoy the fruits of our labors as well as reading what others are saying and posting. Thanks

  5. Your crust turned out so pretty-I can’t believe that was your first one! I’ve gone to class to learn how to make them and mine still turn out ugly. Love your photo at the top of your blog.

  6. Congrats on the new food processor. I am sure you will find lots of uses for it outside of TWD as well. (Especially if it slices or shreds)

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